Habitat is a critical component of our fish and wildlife management goals. Healthy and productive habitat is essential for fish and wildlife resources to thrive. We are conducting a landscape scale ecologically-based resource assessment across  all ownership within the Ahtna Traditional Use Area. This will allow planning and analysis across ownership for future fire management and habitat enhancement projects.

We are developing Habitat Suitability Models for moose and caribou. This approach  will allow understanding of where caribou habitat should be protected and moose habitat enhancement through fire can occur. Working in partnership with agencies, we hope to build a regional landscape fire plan for habitat enhancement. Our habitat management goals include increasing productivity, and research to understand the relationships between habitat and species of concern.


We will conserve, develop, and use our fish, wildlife, and plants for the well-being of our people and future generations.


Our way of life and cultural tradition is unified and strong. We are competent and responsible stewards of our resources.

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