AITRC Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors are made up of Tribal representatives that have spent their lives on the land. Our culture incorporates thousands of years of stewardship of the hunting, fishing, and gather resources of the Ahtna region. The Board of Directors are committed to incorporating scientific best practices with traditional ecological knowledge, which will guide the operations and policies of AITRC.

Linda Pete

Board Chair   --  Ahtna, Incorporated

Nicholas Jackson

Secretary/Treasurer  --  Gulkana Village

Anne Thomas

Board Member  --  Chitina Native Corporation

Robert Sequak

Board Member  --  Native Village of Gakona 

Honalee Sanford

Board Member  --  Mentasta Traditional Council

Bonnie Yazzie

Vice Chair  -- Native Village of Chitina

Rene' Nicklie

Board Member  --  Native Village of Cantwell

Evelyn Beeter

Board Member  -  Cheesh'na  Tribe

Jaysen Ewan

Board Member  --  Native Village of Kluti-Kaah

Frank Hobson

Board Member  --  Native Village of Tazlina