Employment Opportunities
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The Anthropologist will serve the Ahtna region by building a fish, wildlife and cultural resources research and management program based on the Ahtna people’s values and knowledge of the environment. He or she will design and conduct research projects based on and incorporating Ahtna traditional knowledge.

  • Identify, develop and implement research projects in partnership with Ahtna tribes, rural non-governmental organizations, federal and state agencies, and local communities

  • Prepare written comments and evaluations of proposed and existing regulations, governmental activities and decisions, and plans for management of land and resources having potential impact on subsistence resources

  • Participate in and contribute to a dynamic and fast-growing team to achieve shared goals of the organization

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The Tribal Historic Preservation Officer (THPO) Candidate, will be working under the direct supervision of the Project Coordinator, who manages and administers the Ahtna Cultural Preservation Capacity-Building Project. This project seeks to establish a Tribal Historic Preservation Office in the Ahtna region.

  • Actively participate in all THPO trainings

  • Provide thoughtful input and feedback into trainings developed by AITRC, suggesting ways in which they can be more informative, accessible and engaging

  • Actively engage with state and federal processes, including the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and National Historic Preservation Act Section 106, to assert tribal sovereignty over historical and cultural sites

  • Assist the Project Coordinator and Anthropologist with ethnographic fieldwork and data entry

  • Assist the Outreach Coordinator with community outreach and public presentations

  • Monitor and report on any new or upcoming development that could impact historical sites

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The Natural Resource Laborer (NRL) position is ideally suited for motivated individuals possessing a strong work ethic and enjoy working outdoors. The NRL will assist AITRC in the continuation of the Orphaned Moose Rehabilitation Project.


The project will consist of constructing a large fenced-in facility to begin a soft release program for moose within the Ahtna region.

The NRL must be familiar with operating chainsaws to clear a perimeter. Fence building experience is preferred but not necessary. Installation will consist of a woven-wire high-fence and an electric fence around the outside of the perimeter.