We will conserve, develop, and use our fish, wildlife, and plants for the well-being of our people and future generations.


Our way of life and cultural tradition is unified and strong. We are competent and responsible stewards of our resources.

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Employment Opportunities

The Fisheries Technician will serve as a member of a three-person crew that will collect age, sex and length and samples from Chinook and sockeye salmon harvested in the Glennallen Subdistrict of the Copper River subsistence salmon fishery. Sampling will take place from Slana to Chitina bridge and involves extensive interaction with the public and working outdoors regardless of weather conditions.


This position will be staffed from approximately May 30 through August 31, depending on funding availability.

  • Must be 18 by May 30, 2020

  • Must have a valid driver’s license

  • Must be organized and able to handle large data sets.

  • Proficient with Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

  • Able to communicate effectively and convey sampling information;

  • Able to follow detailed sampling protocols

The Natural Resource Laborer (NRL) position is ideally suited for motivated individuals possessing a strong work ethic and enjoy working in the field of wildlife. The NRL will assist with the Carnivore Stewardship project – a population study of brown and black bears. The NRL will be assist in deploying bear hair snares, camera traps and helping to routinely check hair snares for hair samples.

  • Must successfully complete a certified firearms training course which can be provided by Ahtna Inc. upon appointment to the position.

  • Help deploy barbed wire hair corrals for bear hair collection, set up camera traps to monitor hair snare locations as well as to collect bear data

  • Able to follow DNA collection protocol

  • Able to proficiently use Global Positioning System (GPS) during field use

  • Able to navigate difficult geographical terrain and associated elements in remote locations in east-central Alaska under potential extreme climatic conditions

  • Ability to safely operate an ATV’s, including loading, unloading and backing trailers

  • Understands wilderness survival skills, possesses a general knowledge of cold weather operations for equipment and personnel

AITRC is employing a Project Coordinator to assist with special projects focusing on local and traditional knowledge of wildlife and fisheries in the Ahtna Traditional Use Territory.  To support the Ahtna Tribal Wildlife Cooperative Management Demonstration Project,  to promote:

  • increased involvement by the Ahtna tribes in federal fish and wildlife management decision-making,

  • increased involvement of Ahtna people in fish and wildlife research and monitoring activities,

  • development of tribal hunting and fishing rules and ordinances, and

  • increased participation in ancestral hunting, trapping, fishing, and gathering activities by the Ahtna tribal citizens

  • documenting and integrating Ahtna indigenous knowledge into private, state, and federal land and resource management plans and decision-making processes

  • Must have a degree in Tribal Management.

  • Must have valid Driver's License