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AITRC is employing a Project Coordinator to assist in the development of the Ahtna Indigenous Sentinels Network. This will include documenting and integrating Ahtna indigenous knowledge and observations into a Tribally run database that will help to better inform research and policy on wildlife and fisheries in the Ahtna Traditional Use Territory. 

  • Work with the Alaska Conservation Foundation (ACF) and AITRC staff to develop app and database

  • Supervise part-time Sentinel employees

  • Coordinate with departments and other organizations on field data collection

  • Attend training and receive certification for drone operations

  • Update ArcGIS mapping database with new information

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The Ecologist will work closely with the Fisheries and Wildlife Biologists. This position is responsible for designing studies to undertake and analyze information through investigative experiments and trials. These experiments and investigations will be in a range of areas including Fish, Wildlife, and Habitat

  • Developing and recommending research projects with operational plans that include: project rationale, testable objectives, logistics, timelines, sampling methods, budgeting, scheduling field work, statistical methods and data analysis that are scientifically defensible

  • Carrying out fieldwork, recording and analyzing data

  • Writing technical reports summarizing project results and communicate results to scientific peers, various advisory committees, AITRC Board of Directors, and members of the public

The Cultural Preservation Project Coordinator, will be working under the direct supervision of the Executive Director, manages and administers the Ahtna Cultural Preservation Capacity-Building Project. This project seeks to establish a Tribal Historic Preservation Office in the Ahtna region.

  • Work with the Project Anthropologist to meet regulatory requirements necessary for the establishment of a Tribal Historic Preservation Office, including the drafting of a Tribal Historic Preservation Plan and Cultural Heritage District Plan.

  • Develop a trainings program to train Tribal Cultural Preservation Officer (THPO) candidates, with the assistance of the Anthropologist

  • Supervise THPO candidates and ensure they complete all required trainings, research, fieldwork, etc.

  • Lead and oversee the creation of an AITRC geodatabase

  • Prepare and deliver outreach materials and community presentations in collaboration with the Outreach Coordinator

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