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AITRC's Wildlife program strives to integrate ancestral knowledge and relationships with moose, caribou, and other wildlife species with the methods of western science to ensure sustainable management of wildlife resources in the traditional use territory of the Ahtna people.

AITRC has begun working with member tribes and organizations to conduct interviews and assemble archival oral history information from Ahtna elders and subject matter experts regarding traditional beliefs and management principles surrounding moose, caribou, and other wildlife species to develop a regional Tribal Wildlife Management and Stewardship Plan for the Ahtna Traditional Use territory.

The plan will also incorporate key information from the individual Tribal Steward plans for the 8 federally-recognized tribes served by AITRC. The goal of the AITRC Tribal Plan is to integrate ancestral knowledge designed to maintain the balance among humans and wildlife interactions and relationships to ensure sustainable wildlife populations and customary and traditional ancestral uses of those animals by the Ahtna people.

Carnivore Stewardship

Moose Habitat Improvement Project

Biomass Projects

Orphaned Moose Calf Rehabilitation 

Moose Sighting Report

Moose Sighting Report Summaries

Caribou Working Group

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