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The Ahtna Intertribal Resources Commission (AITRC) was formed in 2011 after many years of planning to conserve, manage and develop the fish, wildlife, and plant resources of the Ahtna Region according to culturally relevant values.

The AITRC Board of Directors is made up of Tribal representatives that have spent their lives on the land. Our culture incorporates thousands of years of stewardship of the hunting, fishing, and gathering resources of the Ahtna Region. We are also committed to incorporating scientific best practices with our traditional ecological knowledge, which will guide the operation and policies of the organization.


AITRC was formed to be a coordinating body for subsistence resources in the Ahtna Traditional Use Area.

Membership is made up of the federally recognized tribes of the Native Village of Cantwell, Mentasta Traditional Council, Cheesh'na Tribe, the Native Village of Gakona, the Gulkana Village, the Native Village of Tazlina, the Native Village of Kluti-Kaah, and the Native Village of Chitina.  As land holders, the two Alaska Native Corporations, Ahtna Incorporated and the Chitina Native Corporation are also members.

Ahtna Sovereign Region


Tribal Resource Stewardship

AITRC has a priority to study and implement policies that will allow the Ahtna people to prosper on the land. Our policies are directed to achieve self-determination, food security, and full access to resources. Polices that support sustainable fish and wildlife populations and a harvest that will provide for our cultural, nutritional, and economic needs as Ahtna tribal people is the goal. This will increase self-reliance and provide for our families in a positive way.

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