Orphaned Moose Calf Rehabilitation

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game granted a permit to AITRC to raise orphaned moose calves to be released onto Ahtna land. AITRC leased the abandoned laundry mat in copper center and converted into a moose calf rearing facility, with isolation pens, separation fencing, and sleeping quarters for staff. In June AITRC received an orphaned moose calf originally from Homer, was handed off the calf in palmer, and brought it to the rearing facility in Copper Center. The calf was 65 pounds the first day it was there, and throughout a summer of care and feeding she grew to 230 pounds. AITRC biologists and caretakers took shifts caring for the moose calf and living at the facility. She was fed stalks of willow trees and D ration Reindeer feed pellets from the Alaska Mill & Feed. ADF&G lab tests showed a healthy moose with no illnesses or diseases. She was released on September 22nd along with the calves from Moose mamas on the Klutina Lake Road. AITRC has received a grant from the Native American Agricultural Fund to use towards caring for future calves and to begin building a soft release facility in a safer environment where the calves will be away from any human interaction and become independent.

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